Coin Deposit

Coin Deposit System

Coin Deposit Systems allow customers to quickly deposit large quantities of coin without pre-bagging and counting their own coin.
Our CDS machines will free up staff time required to deal with coin deposits.

Solutions For Your Business

Coin Depositing Systems
  • Credit Unions and Banks: Self Service banking for personal and business customers making coin deposits. See how a Coin Deposit System can help your Credit Union.
  • Transport: Airline cabin crew, bus or train drivers and conductors who need to deposit fares or payments received and receive proof of their deposit.
  • Retail Outlets: Convenient coin deposit system for daily takings and offering customers a point of payment for their coins. Use the deposit system to draw in more customers.

The machines can be connected directly to your network, removing the need for the customer to visit the counter, alternatively the machine can print a receipt which is then presented to a teller, reducing the teller’s time spent counting coin while allowing for valuable interaction with the customer.

Whether you require a free-standing unit in your branch lobby or a through the wall option to run alongside an ATM or at remote locations we can work to your requirements. Our machines can be configured to charge commissions or fees if required.

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