Single Pocket Value Counter

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The BC 241 is a next generation banknote counter with a modern design and touch screen. The unit quickly verifies and counts legitimate notes and detects forgeries. With its ease of use, accuracy and reliability, the BC 241 is the ideal note counter for all cash handling outlets. The BC 241s value recognition will allow you to count mixed bundles of notes.

Product Features

  • Value counter for Euro notes
  • Auto detection of currency and denomination
  • Fully ECB approved
  • Clear reporting with specified overview of all counted notes
  • Counts mixed notes
  • 100% Reliable counterfeit detection
  • Modern design and touch screen display

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Additional Information
  • Functions

    • Counting speed: 800/ 1200/ 1500 notes a minute
    • Batch adjustable form 1-999
    • Running Total Function
    • Double, chain and half note detection
    • Multi-Currency Operation for Euro, GBP and Dollar
    • Input hopper capacity: 400 notes
    • Output hopper capacity: 200 notes
    • Optional printer
    • Free-Count-Mode (deactivates counterfeit detection)

    Product Benefits

    • Simplifies daily cash handling and counting
    • Count mixed bundles of cash, with no pre-sorting
    • Value counting option  makes cash counting easier
    • Saves time for your cashiers
    • Fully ECB approved counterfeit detection
    • Easy to use with minimal training required
    • Detailed reports on all counted notes