Versapak Bags

Versapak Bags

Our Versapak bags are durable, reusable bags with a tamper evident zipper seal. Seals can be uniquely numbered to allow for a secure audit trail of the chain of custody.

Tamper Evident Reusable Bags

We have a range of solutions for retail, banking, medical and general business use.

Our cash bags are widely used by retail chains and banks for the secure transport of cash and documents.

Versapak pathology bags are designed for hospitals and other healthcare settings for the safe and temperature controlled transport of samples, blood and medication. All of our medical bags are compliant with UN3373 regulation PI650.


Bespoke solutions

In addition to our range of standard products, all of our versapak bags are
available in custom colours and sizes, designed to your specification and
can be printed with your artwork.

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