Industries who could benefit from Cash Handling Equipment

Using cash handling equipment offers many benefits which include cost savings, streamlined operations, and increased security. Not only do these benefit the business …


Food and Nutritional Care in Hospitals

Hospitals nationwide are not only changing the kinds of foods they serve — trending toward greater emphasis on nutrition and environmental sustainability — but …


The Importance of Counterfeit Detection for Businesses

The crime of counterfeiting money is as old as money itself. For as long as people have been tendering marks, coins, and negotiable instruments, there have been …


Benefits of Using Note Counters

Whether you are a large cash centre or a small retailer note counters can offer huge benefits to you and your business in a number of ways that you might not have …


Improving patient experience with Mobile technology

Mobile technology in hospitals – Who is using it and how? Mobile technology is already in wide use in hospitals all over the world. Patient records are now available digitally to …



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