Counterfeit Detection

If you accept hard currency at your business, counterfeit detection should be a priority for you. Modern banknotes contain special infrared (IR) inks: ink that reflects IR light (glows), and …


Benefits of Mobile PoS

Mobile POS systems can offer a solution to long queues, the need for flexible service areas including outdoors, or for reducing the till footprint at certain outlets. The mobile POS can be docked at …


Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising screens can sit with your POS to help increase sales using dynamic images and slideshows to support your …


Cloud Partners

What should you look for in a cloud partner? Can your partner be trusted with your data? This area is becoming increasingly regulated. As a data owner, there is an onus on …


Business Challenges Moving to the Cloud

What are the business challenges in moving to the cloud? Have Clear Objectives - Why are you moving to the cloud? Do you simply want to do what you’ve always done, but in …


Choosing Your Cloud Platform

What should you consider when choosing a cloud EPOS Platform? Have you thought about which third party systems you may want to connect …



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