CashDev FDBv8 Cash Banking Deposit

This cash system allows customers to deposit notes quickly and securely. This self-service machine is a real time saver for banks, CIT, and even for retailers. Thanks to thermo-sealed bags, the risks of theft are reduced. The newest version of our best seller includes options of stacking, 100 notes escrow, suspicious notes being retained…



* 4000 thermo sealed bag


✔ 4000 note thermo sealed bag
✔ 500 notes per minute
✔ Size 1300 x 500 x 618
✔ Weight 190 kg
✔ 8" touch screen
✔ Customisable interface


✔ Time Saver for Banks, CIT and Retailers
✔ Convenient
✔ Counterfeit Detection
✔ Secure
✔ Easy to Use
✔ Instant credit to bank accounts
✔ Simplify CIT pickups
✔ Touchscreen
✔ High Value 4000 banknotes