CashDev Smart Cash Manager - SCM-B

The Smart Cash Manager (SCM-B) is ideal for any retail shop, coffee shop, fast food outlets. The SCM-B is a slimline cash and coin payments system which can speed up queue times, reduces any errors and offers employee contactless transactions.



*Touch Screen 5"7
*Cash & Coins
*5 sec Transaction Time
*Slimline size 1300 x 250x340


* Automated Cash and coin payments and change given
*Storage - coins 100 to 350/hopper (8) - Cash 650 - 1400
* 5 Second transactions
* Easy to install


* Speeds up transactions - less than 5 seconds
* Easy to use for customers & staff
* Reduces cash handling mistakes or theft/transparency
* More hygenic
* Reliable quality system
* Ideal for retail outlets