CashDev-Smart Cash Manager - SCM-B

The Smart Cash Manager (SCM-B) is ideal for any retail shop, coffee shop, fast food outlets. The SCM-B is a slimline cash and coin payments system which can speed up queue times, reduces any errors and offers employee contactless transactions.

When you spend time manually counting, sorting, processing, and reconciling money every day, you’re basically throwing money away. With our truly closed cash management system you can remove most of the cost spent on cash reconciliation. And discrepancies will no longer be a problem.

With our SCM's, end-of-day reporting is done in an instant. Status and real-time cash inventory are available online, and the full audit trail is kept in the management software. The software even allows your HQ, bank and CIT to connect. Plus, you can always turn to the online help desk for support

A new checkout can quickly be opened without change fund preparation
- The system indicates when it needs floats
- Automated cash reconciliation reduces employee stress
- Recruiting and training staff is easier and faster
- Simple and secure maintenance

CashDev-Smart Cash Manager - SCM-B


Touch Screen 5"7
*Cash & Coins
*5 sec Transaction Time
*Slimline size 1300 x 250x340


Automated Cash and coin payments and change given
*Storage - coins 100 to 350/hopper (8) - Cash 650 - 1400
* 5 Second transactions
* Easy to install


Speeds up transactions - less than 5 seconds
* Easy to use for customers & staff
* Reduces cash handling mistakes or theft/transparency
* More hygenic
* Reliable quality system
* Ideal for retail outlet