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Ward ordering

Improve your patients' experience with better food service and nutritional care. SERVAL is an app that allows your catering staff to make meal orders from the patient’s bedside via android tablets. By eliminating paper, the process becomes much more efficient, saving time and reducing costs. The app allows your catering staff to see specific dietary requirements for each patient and will only display food options that meet those requirements.


Uniware EPOS work with you to provide a speedy and reliable service to maximise revenue and incentive repeat purchases.

Uniware provides tailored and naturally bespoke solutions with a fresh alternative to competitor systems, bringing a high level of flexibility to the client.

Wireless call bells
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The Wireless Call System transmits information about whether a patient requires assistance.

It transmits location information of a patient to both the wireless receiver, that is fixed to a nurses station and to the portable receiver carried by the nurse.

The information is sent to both receivers once a paging bell that is affixed to the wall of a patient’s room or toilet facilities is pressed. 

The on duty nurse can then provide assistance to the patient.

A patient can easily page a nurse to request assistance as they are in their bed or using washroom facilities.​

As this patient is checked on, a check button function at the patient’s bed is pressed by the nurse who is assisting, avoiding multiple staff members checking, making their time available for other patients.

pathology bags

We have a range of solutions for retail, banking, medical and general business use.

Our cash bags are widely used by retail chains and banks for the secure transport of cash and documents.

 Our Versapak bags are durable, reusable bags with a tamper-evident zipper seal. Seals can be uniquely numbered to allow for a secure audit trail of the chain of custody.

 In addition to our range of standard products, all of our Versapak bags are available in custom colours and sizes, designed to your specification and can be printed with your artwork.

fall mats

The floor mat wandering detection system is a system whereby should a person place weight on a mat, a signal is sent to a care provider that a patient has left their bed and may be in need of attention.

​The mat is connected wirelessly to two receivers. One main repeater, and one pager which is worn on the wrist of the individual supervising the patient giving them freedom to move around.

​Once weight more than 10kg is applied to the floor mat, a signal is transmitted to the main repeater and to the portable pager. An alarm is sounded altering the guardian that weight has been applied to the mat and to check the individual the mat is intended for.

hospital call bell system

The Solt Wireless Call System includes call buttons for the bedside, bathrooms or any location where a patient may require assistance.

Patient calls are sent to fixed wireless receivers at a nursing station, or to wrist-worn mobile monitors. Incoming calls are also displayed on a PC monitor. 

The PC based monitoring system can track activity levels and response times.

Calls can be cancelled at the bedside once the patient has been attended to. 

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