All of Dualtron’s note counters and sorters are certified by the ECB Eurosystem for counterfeit detection. Our range of fitness sorters are certified for the recirculation of banknotes and suitable for use in banks and credit unions.

We offer both large and small coin sorters, suiting the needs of small retailers, large cash centres, car parks, arcades and churches. Our larger sorters include counterfeit and foreign coin detection and all of our sorters include running totals with an on-screen breakdown of each count by denomination.




We supply a range of high-end solutions for branch transformation.  Our solutions include deposit machines, rolled coin dispensers and coin deposit machines. These allow your customers to quickly deposit cheques or cash without having to queue at the counter. Our Pay in Machines is particularly suited to business customers who do not wish to make their deposits at a note-fed deposit machine in a busy branch. Draw more people to your business and free up your staff to do revenue-generating activities. Accept loose coin at your customer’s convenience and recycle it within the branch through a rolled coin dispenser.

Coin Deposit

Rolled Coin Dispensers

Business Deposit

Business Combo


No business can afford to accept fake money. Using an ECB approved counterfeit note checker will ensure you are not caught by fake cash.  Detecting all forged Euro and Sterling notes quickly and easily,  with there small size and high speed, it’s ideal for use beside any till or on a bar counter.

UV Lamps

Note Checkers

Selection of Versapak Pouches


We have a range of solutions for retail, banking, medical and general business use. Our cash bags are widely used by retail chains and banks for the secure transport of cash and documents. Versapak Tamper Evident pouches are widely used to secure diverse products such as Cash, Night Safe Deposits, Important Documents, Blood Samples, Medical Samples, Pharmaceuticals,  and High Value Electronic components. Versapak bags are durable, reusable bags with a tamper-evident zipper seal. Seals can be uniquely numbered to allow for a secure audit trail of the chain of custody. All Versapak pouches and containers are available in custom colours and sizes, designed to your specification and can be printed with your artwork.

Tamper Evident Bags

Custom Made



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