Dave Byrne, MD, Dualtron.

Dualtron began trading 30 years ago. There’s been some tremendous changes in the tools we use for business but the core value of excellent customer service survives and thrives amidst all the technological change.

As a company we started in 1991. Our core mission was to provide excellent customer service which would attract and retain good customers. From our first day as a four-person company, we had a tech support engineer and a full time receptionist / office manager to ensure that everything was professional right from the off.

Some of the technology changes we encountered along the way have been tremendous. 

We had one office PC, which was an Olivetti with 32 KB of RAM. Yes, that’s 32 KB! It ran on  MS DOS. 

We initially had one handheld mobile phone shared between the original four staff. Whoever had a customer appointment took the phone with them, so they would be contactable at all times.


In the first few years Fax was still a big player for most companies, including us. Orders were placed, letters were sent and the fax machine and fax line were a big part of any modern office at the time.

The Internet was just appearing. Everyone who used a dial-up line to connect to the internet remembers the sense of anticipation (or frustration) depending on how quickly you could connect.

AOL was a leading email provider and then Internet Service Providers began bundling email with their offerings in the mid 90s so you had Hotmail, Rocketmail and eventually Yahoo Mail. Many Irish people and companies used email addresses like @eircom.net or @ireland.com. 

We were always early adopters of technology and had our first computerised Service Management System created in Microsoft Access in the mid 90s. Prior to that we used a T-Card system. We are on our second generation Cloud Mobile Management System, called Trace. This allows our engineers to collect and action calls and close them in real time. Looking back it includes many technologies started and developed from the early days.

Our most important asset has always been people: our people. Right from the very start we hired people with positive, can do attitudes and looked for people who cared about our customers. I remember so many lovely messages and calls I have received about our team members who helped customers with a problem or  providing them with the product or service they required in a professional and friendly way. This aspect of our business has never changed. We live up to our motto: You Can Count on Dualtron.
So despite the passing of 30 years and all the technology advances, we hope you agree that our excellent staff provide first class service.
Some things never change


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Dualtron are a leading supplier of cashless payment systems, smartcard systems and currency handling products.



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