Jun 14 Panda 901 Coin Deposit System

Panda 901 Coin Deposit System – Single Coin Outlet

The Panda 901 is a simple and very easy to operate, non sorting CDS machine with a single coin outlet. Especially good for coin box or vault solution.

The machine can print a customer receipt for presentation to a teller, fees and charges can be deducted when the receipt is printed. Alternatively the balance can be credited directly to a customers account with the 901 T+ model.

All coin deposits are counted and verified using CTCoin’s alloy sensor technology, eliminating all foreign or counterfeit coins.

All denominations of coin are stored in a single box or vault, allowing for increased operational time without the need to frequently empty coin bags. Combine this unit with a lockable wheeled box for ultimate convenience.

Panda 901 S+ Features

  • Speed: Up to 1100 coins/minute
  • Noise reducing material (50% reduction)
  • Large 4 x 20 character easy-to-read display
  • 2 front doors with individual keys
  • Folio covered cabinet
  • CTcoin’s patented hopper cleaning system
  • Rotatable sensor for easy cleaning of coin rail
  • Secure locking system
  • Single output for receipts and reject coins

Panda 901 R+

  • As per 901 S+
  • Rear Opening

Panda 901 E+

  • As per 901 S+
  • Escrow function – the user has the option to return all coins after counting, before the deposit is finalised

Panda 901 T+

  • As per 901S+
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Direct Credit to customer accounts via XFS
  • Escrow Option
  • Rear Opening Option

Other Options

  • Wheeled Coin Box
  • Pin Pad
  • Remote light
  • SMS Status Alerts

Wheeled Coin Box


Wheeled Coin Box – With Lockable Lid

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