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How Can organisations tackle the issue of staffing shortageS?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

How are organisations today tackling the issue of staffing shortages? Maybe technology has an important part to play.

We have taken many of the recommendations mentioned below from a recent white paper from 4xiconsulting.

As workplaces begin to welcome back their employees to the office. On site catering has become more important and possibly more complicated than ever. Employees want more incentives to return to the office to overcome the commute, social engagement and food offerings plays an important part in this decision.

Employers and their suppliers need to provide that experience while working around a workforce with varied schedules, while at the same time with the challenge of staffing shortages. According to Catering Foodservice & Events, "Foodservice businesses have taken drastic measures to survive (and, in some cases, thrive) under pandemic conditions. As events were canceled and demand dropped for catering services, businesses needed to consider changes to staffing levels and business models. Those hard choices led to a 32 percent decrease in staffing levels for catering and mobile foodservice businesses and caused over 20 percent of such businesses to shut down permanently." It's crucial that businesses need to maximise the staff they have by improving their processes and stepping up their technology game. Here are some of the opportunities:

Operations & Processes

The flow of an operation can make a difference, where you put stations and cashiers matters alot making the experience easier with a faster turnaround.

Making the most of menus Menu choices greatly impact how many people you can serve with a limited staff. Many cafes/canteens have alot of choices on their menus as a result of employees feedback this can affect the experience - slowing down the processes.

'A greater variety of menu items and customised options also makes it harder for catering staff to really master the dishes that they create due to the sheer variety they may be in charge of, lowering the quality of the end product and the speed they can prepare Instead, fewer total menu items and options allow your team to deliver the best possible quality of product and experience within the resources you have"

Technology Many technologies introduced in recent years have seen huge increases in usage and guest preference - making now the perfect time to integrate them into your operations.

A great example would be 'Order Ahead' from UPAY, an app that allows employees to preorder their breakfast/lunch/coffees with allocated areas and times for collection within an organistion.

"Rather than making ordering dependent on staff taking each order, many companies install banks of ordering tablets. These can go either at the front of each station where people would usually order or as a large bank in a single part of a cafe where guests can order from multiple stations" This frees up your team to focus on food prep as orders come through.

AI-Powered Self-Checkout "One of the most exciting developments we’ve seen in cafe technology is using cameras and artificial intelligence to make self-checkout a seamless experience. The most popular system for this that we see in the field is Mashgin, whose Touchless Checkout System finishes transactions up to 400% faster than a typical cashier" Essentially, a customer just grabs the items they want from different stations, puts them down on Mashgin’s tray, and the order instantly rings up!

This is gamechanger for the industry.

The huge increase in checkout speed also reduces lines dramatically, increasing revenues increasing revenues by as much as 300% in long-line environments like sports concessions.

Read more about Mashgin

Other automated integrated technologies helping with staffing shorttages in retail organisations are Smart Cash Managers - it allows for customers to self check out with cash or coins.

Making it work Any of these technologies and tactics can help you get more out of the limited teams, if you like to learn more Dualtron have an experienced team and a portfolio of products to help offer a lean and efficient experience and process. Dualtron is a distributor of Mashgin in Ireland along with many other of the technologies and integrations mentioned in this whitepaper by 4xi GLOBAL CONSULTING & SOLUTIONS.

Our team are available to discuss any of these areas with you.


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