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New €50 Note

We’ve been busy preparing for the introduction of the new €50 note.

The note will be launched on the 4th of April. This the 4th issue in the Europa Series of notes from the ECB. The Europa Series has been issued to make it more difficult for counterfeiters and also make it easier for banks, retailers and customers to recognise real notes. The Europa Series notes have been designed to be harder wearing than the original Euro notes. Learn about the new security features on the ECB website.

Since last year we have conducted extensive tests with our suppliers to ensure our devices are ready for the new note.

We have already updated almost 3,000 devices with new software to ensure our customers can accept the new €50 note.

The ECB have said that: “The €50 banknote is the most widely used of all euro banknote denominations. More than 8 billion banknotes in circulation are €50 banknotes, representing about 45% of the total.

So this rollout has been particularly important for our customers and has required updating more devices than any of the previous Europa Series issues.

If you have a cash handling device from Dualtron and wish to have it updated before the 4th of April, please contact our office on 01 823 7150.

The €100 and €200 notes will also be upgrading in the coming years. The ECB have announced that the €500 note will not be updated and production has now ceased


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