Why should you use customer pagers in your restaurant or bar?

Why Order Bells and Customer Pager can benefit your Restaurant or Bar?

In our current circumstances - it has never been more important for seamless communication and service in the hospitality sector.

A simple way to improve your overall quality of service, that is also more covid friendly, is to introduce Call/Order Bells or Guest Paging Systems to your business.

How do Call/Order Bells work?
  1. Your customers call the waiter or waitress

  2. A call display board is located at the bar or most convenient point of the restaurant

  3. The waiter also receives a call on their wrist worn pager

  4. Incoming calls are displayed on the PC monitor and saved as statistics for later analysis of waiters’ service.

Similarly for the kitchen team
  1. The chef calls the waiter as soon as the dishes are ready to be served.

  2. Wait staff receive a notification on their wrist worn pager letting them know the food is ready to be served.

How do the Guest Paging Systems work?
  1. The guest receives a pager after placing an order at the counter