Single Pocket Value Counter

799.00 incl. VAT 982.77

The BC241 quickly verifies and counts legitimate notes and detects forgeries. It is an easy to use note counter that will count bundles of mixed notes meaning you don’t need to sort your notes before counting. The counterfeit detection methods are fully ECB approved and include CIS authentication and Infrared detection, essential for catching the latest generation of forgeries.



  • Multi-Currency available
  • Value counter for Euro banknotes
  • Free-Count-Mode ( No CF detection)
  • CIS authentication
  • Infrared Detection
  • Touch Screen
  • Clear reporting with a specified overview of all counted notes
  • Dimensions 250x263x254
  • Weight 6.52kg


  • Auto-detection of currency and denomination
  • Mixed denomination counting
  • Automatic start with run-up delay
  • Counting speed 800/1200/1500 per minute
  • Batch Adjustable from 1-999
  • Lightweight and small footprint


  • Quickly verifies and counts legitimate notes
  • Mixed counting mode gives a detailed breakdown on the screen of how many notes of each denomination were counted and a grand total
  • Detects forgeries to ECB standard
  • Easy to move around, ideal for small counter