Business Combo

Self-Service Banking

The Combo is a dual device providing both the Business deposit and Coin dispenser services, maximising the use of the wall fitting space. It is designed to deliver ‘ on demand’ change orders to the business customer, whilst also accepting tamper-evident deposit bags and issuing a detailed receipt for each transaction type.

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  • Dual device providing both business deposit and cash exchange services.
  • Screen Animations
  • ATM look and feel
  • Cash or card operation


  • Simple to use
  • Two transactions can be carried out in one.
  • Accepts large capacity bags
  • Instant recognition of account holder
  • Demonstrates to users how to operate the system


  • Maximises the use of the wall fitting space and provides two services.
  • Transactions completed in seconds helping to migrate customers away from teller positions.
  • Reduces impact on personal deposit devices and unlikely to go out of service due to full capacity.