Business Deposit

Self-Service Banking

A dedicated self-service device for business deposits allows commercial customers to deposit large of cash and or cheques very quickly without delay. The business deposit machine is designed to accept sealed, tamper-evident deposit bags, whilst issuing a unique and detailed receipt slip to the business customer.

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  • Commercial customers are issued with a card, barcode or RFID tag that can open the device chute to accept a lodgment.
  • Once inserted the deposit is secured in a safe and a receipt issued to the customer.


  • The business deposit can work offline or online
  • You can offer same day or next day credit for amount declared depending on what you agree with your customers.
  • Available as internal or external versions depending on location.


  • Commercial customers can make quick and easy deposits.
  • Large amounts of cash or cheques can be deposited
  • Large capacity that can easily cope with many deposits without causing the device to go out of service due to overload.