Cashless Payment System

Dualtrons Cashless Payment systems are used by companies who wish to eliminate cash and the costs and risks associated with cash handling in the workplace. Employees typically use their staff card which takes the place of cash to pay for food and drink. The staff card acts as an electronic purse which can be loaded with a value. With a simple swipe of the card, the value can be deducted at the tills in the staff restaurant, or through special card readers fitted inside the vending machines.

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  • Quick transactions – Throughput at the till is three times quicker than cash
  • Cloud-based reporting- much greater control to the caterer
  • Differential pricing- possible to introduce a multi-tariff pricing system
  • Increase in sales – paying with card encourages people to spend more
  • Loyalty schemes – allows staff to accumulate and redeem loyalty points against promotional offers
  • Flexibility – during less busy periods cashiers are able to switch tills to standby mode and apply their efforts to other tasks


Cards can also be used for:

  • Electronic access control
  • Compliant working time and attendance recording
  • Photo ID
  • Print management
  • Compatible with most access control and time cards, meaning sites can use one single unified card.


  • Reduced queuing times
  • Eliminate cash handling costs
  • Save time- no cash balancing required
  • Reduce risks- greater security
  • More efficient hygiene routines – no money changing hands at the point of sale
  • Positive cash flow
  • Increased turnover on vending and snack machines with no downtime for coin jams