CT333 SD

Counterfeit Detection / ECB Approved Forgery Checker

169.00 incl. VAT 207.87

No business can afford to accept fake money. Use an ECB approved counterfeit note checker to ensure you are not caught by fake cash. This compact, ECB Approved Forgery Checker, detects all forged Euro and Sterling notes quickly and easily. With its small size and high speed, it’s ideal for use beside any till or on a bar counter.


  • Detection speed of under 0.3 of a second per note
  • Audible rejection alert
  • Automatic test of note after insert in any direction
  • Shows value of note and total value of checked notes
  • The unit can be set to eject notes from the front or rear
  • Automatic sleep mode after 30 seconds
  • Equipped with report function
  • Data interface capability provides for updates


  • Fully ECB approved counterfeit detector
  • Half the size of other detectors
  • Suitable for all points of sale
  • Auto-detection of currency and denomination
  • Quick and accurate counterfeit detection
  • Audible alert when a fake note is suspected
  • USB Connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery and 12v adapter for cigarette lighter optional extras


  • Instant and reliable counterfeit detection
  • Ensures only real notes are accepted by your business
  • Small size perfect for counters and other points of sale
  • Simple and easy to use, no staff training required
  • Lightweight and portable device
  • Up-datable via USB or SD Card