Rolled Coin Dispenser

Self-Service Banking

The Rolled Coin Dispenser machine is designed to deliver ‘on demand’ change orders to the business customer. Change can be supplied in rolled coin, loose coins and banknotes. Business customers can purchase coin using their card, cash or you can provide a bespoke card which means you can vary the charges depending on whether the customer is one of your own or from a competitor bank.

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  • Business customers can use their bank card, cash or you can provide a bespoke card for them to purchase change with.
  • Touchscreen selection
  • Variable charging structure


  • A customer can choose precisely the mix of coin they wish to purchase
  • Anyone can use the device whether they are a member of the bank or not.
  • Fixed costs can be allocated to differentiate between branch customers and other users.


  • Greater flexibility for retailers and other users.
  • Convenient and quick self-service
  • Help migrate customers away from teller positions
  • Complements other self-service devices you provide