Our EPOS works with you to provide a speedy and reliable service to maximise revenue and incentive repeat purchases. We provide tailored and naturally bespoke solutions with a fresh alternative to competitor systems, bringing a high level of flexibility to our clients.



The Uniware Cloud is a web application which allows you to manage your catering and retail outlets from anywhere over the internet. It eliminates the need for costly server hardware or the loading of software onto local PCs. Customisable, real-time reporting allows you to view critical information about all aspects of your commercial operations. Reports on UPay and card users, with views on their expenditure, your most popular outlets, products that are popular and more are all available.

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The Uniware Cloud can also host UPay, a mobile and desktop app that allows the customer to take control of their payments and make use of its many modules. This allows them to access their account giving them the ability to top up and have access to the available modules on site, check their balance, view transaction statements and much more.

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Dualtrons Cashless Payment systems are used by companies who wish to eliminate cash and the costs and risks associated with cash handling in the workplace. Employees typically use their staff card which takes the place of cash to pay for food and drink. The staff card acts as an electronic purse which can be loaded with a value. With a simple swipe of the card, the value can be deducted at the tills in the staff restaurant, or through special card readers fitted inside the vending machines.

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