Pelican 309 bagging

Jun 02 The PELICAN 309 – ECB approved coin counter and sorter – 1100 coins per minute!

The Pelican 309 – ECB approved coin counter and sorter


Businesses are always looking for ways to improve how they operate. A primary process for businesses is the collecting and sorting of coins. As you can imagine, the coins collected throughout the days and weeks can really add up and thus how coins are collected and organised is of great importance. Firstly, let’s look at some of the benefits of using coin counters/sorters for your business:


The Benefits of Using Coin Counters

Saves Valuable TimeCoin counters can quickly sort and count all denominations effortlessly. Depending on the size of the machine, coin counters can count and sort between 500-1,100 coins per minute which is clearly much faster than manual counting. This allows for your employees to focus on much more important tasks that need to be carried out. 

Total Accuracy– Manual coin counting is difficult and cumbersome to do accurately. It inevitably comes with errors. Why? Well, because your employees are only human and counting large volumes of coins makes it easy to lose track and make mistakes. Just one mistake can add up to an extra 20 minutes or more of recounting which is costly. When you invest in a counter, you get greater accuracy and therefore greater peace of mind knowing that your totals are adding up perfectly. 

The CTCoin range of sorters will also automatically reject any foreign or counterfeit coins.

Avoid Internal Shrinkage– Internal errors can account for a significant portion of your company’s overall losses. Investing in a coin counter should be a part of your loss prevention strategy. It can be easy when counting coins by hand for some to disappear when nobody’s looking. This can seriously add up over time and have a severe impact on your business. With the help of a machine this doesn’t have to happen. Simply put, this avoids any temptation from the employees as it takes the coins/cash out of their hands. 

Improves Cleanliness and Reduces the Spread of Germs– This is more important now more than ever. It will continue to be incredibly important for this entire generation also. Coins can be extremely dirty. When we think about it, they’ve been passed around from hand to hand and touched a lot of filthy surfaces before coming into your possession. Coin Counters vastly reduces risk of employees spreading germs to one another. 

The Machine- The Pelican 309

This is the perfect coin counter for any medium to large businesses. The Pelican 309 coin counter and sorter is a high-speed table top machine for sorting up to 9 denominations and will reject foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc. The 5th generation alloy sensor technology ensures highest counting accuracy, ideal for counting and sorting medium volumes of coins quickly and accurately. 

This ECB approved machine will sort 1,100 coins per minute into up to 9 different pockets. It’s noise-reducing material along with its external display and printer make it an extremely highly functional machine. 




Bagging Stand

  • Furthermore, there is a bagging stand extension available with this machine which is becoming more and more popular with users.
  • The Pelican machine sits on top of the stand, the coins fall straight through to bulk bags underneath. The bags hang from sliding rails, making it easy for the user to swap bags out as they fill up.
  • Your CIT bags can hang from this stand, making the whole process faster and more straightforward.
  • The printer gives them the option to run ‘cashier mode’.
  • This means you can continuously run multiple counts throughout the day, get a printed subtotal for each one and leave the bags underneath to continue filling.
  • You get an end of day report showing what’s gone through each count, with a user pin, and a breakdown of what’s in the bags.



Pelican 309 bagging





If you feel one of our coin counters could be of benefit to you or your business, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here at Dualtron, we’d be happy to discuss further any queries that you may have. 

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