Cash Handling

Cash Handling

Note counters and sorters allow businesses to quickly count, verify and sort their banknotes by denomination.

Value Recognition Counters

Count a Bundle of Mixed Notes

Value recognition counters can count a bundle of mixed notes and display a running total as well as a breakdown of notes by denomination.

Product: BC 241 Note Counter, more info here.

Bank Note Sorters

Newton F ECB Approved Banknote Sorter & Counter

Banknote sorters use two or more pockets to sort notes by denomination or fitness. Fitness sorters use cutting edge imaging sensors to sort notes by quality, ensuring that only high quality notes are recirculated to your customers. . Our banknote sorters can also sort notes by orientation, meaning no need to “Face-off” your cash.

Product: Newton F – ECB Approved Banknote Sorter & Counter


Full Range Of Note Counters

Certified by the ECB Eurosystem for Counterfeit Detection

Our range of sorters include options for up to five pockets, multiple currencies and can even count slips for TITO gaming systems.

All of Dualtron’s note counters and sorters are certified by the ECB Eurosystem for counterfeit detection. Our range of fitness sorters are certified for the re circulation of banknotes and suitable for use in banks in credit unions.

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