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Here at Dualtron we are committed to ...

  • Continuous improvement in our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy; 

  • Encouraging our business partners to strive for matching performance; 

  • Acting in a socially responsible way; 

  • Continually improving our performance to live up to our slogan ‘You Can Count on Dualtron’

  • Developing long term strategic relationships with customers and suppliers

  • Customer retention: We strive to be the Go To Company in Banking, Retail & Hospitality Sectors

  • Recycling whenever we can 

Business Discussion

Our Aim

  • The purpose of the policy is to make clear to all stakeholders what we mean by CSR and how we propose to work towards achieving it. The CSR policy applies throughout our company and governs our approach to all our activities; 

  • Be responsible and socially aware;

  • Be an exempla of good practice. 

  • When carrying out our business, in consultation with our customers, we will determine the environmental, social and economic issues

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Corporate Governance

  • We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards; 

  • All groups and individuals with whom we have a business relationship will be treated in a fair, open and respectful manner; 

  • Competition will be reasonable and based upon the quality, value and integrity of the products and services being supplied; 

  • Feedback on performance will be actively sought, and we will continually review all activities to ensure best practice is observed at all times;

Volunteers Cleaning Park

Environment & Sustainability

  • By continually improving and recycling we will reduce our impact on the environment;

  • Use recycled paper products whenever possible

  • We are a member of W.E.E.E. Ireland (Registration Number: IE1097WB) and comply with the Dept of Environment standards set. 

  • We will encourage staff to consider sustainability as a factor in all purchasing decisions; 

  • We seek to minimise the adverse environmental effects of people travelling to and from our offices. 

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