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Guest paging system

The Guest Paging System is a wireless system that can be used in food service environments.

When an order is placed by a customer, they receive a pager and proceeds to their seat.

When the order is ready for collection, the server inputs the order number on the control keypad of the transmitter.

Pagers light up once the customer’s order is ready.

The customer returns the pager to the server and it is placed on the stack for charging.


Uniware EPOS work with you to provide a speedy and reliable service to maximise revenue and incentive repeat purchases.

Uniware provides tailored and naturally bespoke solutions with a fresh alternative to competitor systems, bringing a high level of flexibility to the client.


Upay is a digital wallet that gives you payments, stamp cards, loyalty and more from the comfort of your mobile,

tablet or computer.

Upay links to a variety of shops, restaurants, cafés and bars across the world. When you pay with your Upay account, businesses provide you with rewards on the Upay app.

With Upay, you can either pay with your phone’s QR code or a linked site card which could be a staff card, loyalty card or a student card.

Upay also comes with other modules including event booking, online payments, online ordering for pick-up & delivery and voucher rewards. The modules you have
access to are determined by the business that is using the Upay application for its customers.

cash handling

We have a range of solutions for retail, banking, medical and general business use. Our cash bags are widely used by retail chains and banks for the secure transport of cash and documents.

Our Versapak bags are durable, reusable bags with a tamper-evident zipper seal. Seals can be uniquely numbered to allow for a secure audit trail of the chain of custody. In addition to our range of standard products, all of our Versapak bags are available in custom colours and sizes, designed to your specification and can be printed with your artwork.


Dualtron’s Cashless Payment systems are used by companies who wish to eliminate cash and the costs and risks associated with cash handling in the workplace. Employees typically use their staff card which takes the place of cash to pay for food and drink. The staff card acts as an electronic purse which can be loaded with a value. With a simple swipe of the card, the value can be deducted at the tills in the staff restaurant, or through special card readers fitted inside the vending machines.

CAll/order bell

This system works as follows: Guests summon the wait staff. The call is displayed on the wall-mounted receiver located in the bar, manager's office or other control area. Wait staff receive this call on the pager worn on their wrist. Incoming calls are displayed on the PC monitor and retained as data for later analysis of wait staff activities. Similarly, a chef can call the correct wait staff to inform them that a relevant food order is ready for delivery. Ensures minimum time lost between food preparation and delivery to guests. Wait staff receive the message on a wrist-worn pager from the chef confirming the order is ready for pick-up. Reduces the number of trips between the dining area and kitchen and transit time orders.

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