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Call Bells

•Exceptional accuracy and stability of signal transmission (frequency type: FSK)
•Able to delete repeated call IDs, Smart functionality (CPU Embedded)
•Efficient battery life, no interference to or from other bells (Tx Controllable)
•Broader call range, Battery saving algorithm .


•Exceptional accuracy & stability of signal reception (Frequency type: FSK)
•Low RF variation, No clock defect (TCXO-based RF)
•Direct Call Receiving- Receive calls direct from bells i.e. transceiver is not necessary
•Maximised battery time & call range, battery recharged easily and rapidly

Customer Pagers

•Modern and luxurious design with minimalist aesthetic
•Opaque base gives light, floating image, dual-LED call indicators are installed in top and in the base
•Perfectly circular shape combined with metallic black colour results in pleasing body line and aesthetics
•TPU Band Applied - Water resistance
•External access ensures rechargeable battery is quickly and easily replaceable

Dualtron Horshoe SOLT Testmonial .png

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