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•Exceptional accuracy & stability of signal reception (Frequency type: FSK)
•Low RF variation, No clock defect (TCXO-based RF)
•Direct Call Receiving- Receive calls direct from bells i.e. transceiver is not necessary
•Maximised battery time & call range, battery recharged easily and rapidly


•Wrist-worn watch worn by both guests and wait staff

•Alarm method selectable : vibration-beep


•Call display board


•Waiter receives message notifying them that guests need assistance

•Waiter receives notification that food is ready to serve from chef

•Incoming calls are displayed on the PC monitor and saved as statistics for later analysis of waiters’ services.


•Notifies wait staff immediately to any request from a particular table

•Wait staff can collect food from the kitchen as soon as the food is ready to serve. This also reduces journeys from front of house to kitchen.

•Increases quality and speed of service for your guests

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