Cash HAndling

Our range of note counters are ECB approved for authentication and detection of counterfeit or fake notes. Our banknote sorters are ECB approved for fitness detection and recirculation of notes.

Speed up your cash handling processes with a sorter and prevent fraud due to forged notes.

Dualtron is a member of the ECB's Our Money program.

Kisan K2

The K2 is a fast and productive two pocket value counter that allows staff to count money continuously. Single pocket counters must be stopped and the problem notes removed each time to continue, the K2 eliminates that problem making counting much quicker and easier for staff. Like all Kisan products, it uses state of the art Dual CIS technology for efficient counterfeit detection and fitness sorting.

Kisan Newton 3

The Kisan Newton has evolved, Ireland’s most popular note sorter has been upgraded.
The Newton 3 is faster than ever before featuring Dual CIS technology, which gives it a crucial advantage against the latest generation of counterfeits. The Newton’s increased processing power, combined with the dual CIS allow the Newton 3 to read the serial number of every note, this means it can blacklist known counterfeit or stolen serial numbers and also record the serial numbers of every note in a count

Smart Cash Manager - SMC-A

The SCM-A offers your customers a fast and secure way to pay by cash or coins at your retail store. This system is sleek with a touch screen and ideal for a counter top in a coffee shop or grocery store.

Kisan K5A

The Kisan K5A is a high volume, continuous operation, 5 pocket banknote sorter. Like all Kisan products, it uses state of the art Dual CIS technology for efficient counterfeit detection and fitness sorting. The vertical note-path allows for a small footprint, saving space in the back-office or cash centre. Users can assign denominations to any pocket making it adaptable to suit any counting process.

Smart Cash Manager - SCM-B

The Smart Cash Manager (SCM-B) is ideal for any retail shop, coffee shop, fast food outlets. The SCM-B is a slimline cash and coin payments system which can speed up queue times, reduces any errors and offers employee contactless transactions.

CashDev FDBv8 Cash Banking Deposit

This cash system allows customers to deposit notes quickly and securely. This self-service machine is a real time saver for banks, CIT, and even for retailers. Thanks to thermo-sealed bags, the risks of theft are reduced. The newest version of our best seller includes options of stacking, 100 notes escrow, suspicious notes being retained…


The advanced BC 242 SD is equipped with the latest generation of sensors so that all notes are correctly counted and checked.

This banknote counter has been successfully tested by DNB and the color display provides the user with all information in any desired language. Various currencies can be mixed counted and an update is easily installed via USB.

Reliable and fast counting of (un)sorted banknotes: the BC 242 SD can help you with this!

Smart Cash Manager - SCM-C

The east to use Smar Cash Manager (SMC-C) is extremely reliable and can be integrated or sealed into a counter. This cash system is efficient, fast and very easy for customers and staff to use. A great investment that offers your retail store a secure, hygenic and fast payment option.