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Smart Cash Manager - SCM A

Your staff never need to handle cash again!

With a smart cash manager, your customers can pay cash directly into the device, and even receive change.



The SCM-A offers your customers a fast and secure way to pay by cash or coins at your retail store. This system is sleek with a touch screen and ideal for a counter top in a coffee shop or grocery store.


The SCM-A is a modern cash & coin payment system

  • Accepts coins and cash

  • Maximum of 8 sec transaction time

  • 7" touch screen

  • Weight - 65kg

  • Dimensions - 654x500x618

  • Coins 250-500 hopper/(8) Notes 460

  • Easy to integrate

SCMA Abakom.jpeg
1C1_SCM-A Comptoir 1.png


  • Offers a fast and hygienic payments system

  • Reliable payments and change given/no errors

  • Offers security against theft


  • Faster service for your customers

  • More Hygienic

  • No Errors

  • No theft

  • Easy to use for staff and customers

  • No more daily float management

  • Self service

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