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cash handling

All of Dualtron’s note counters and sorters are certified by the ECB Eurosystem for counterfeit detection. Our range of fitness sorters are certified for the recirculation of banknotes and suitable for use in banks and credit unions


We offer both large and small euro coin sorters, suiting the needs of retailers, churches, car parks, arcades and large cash centres all over Ireland. Our larger sorters include counterfeit and foreign coin detection and all of our sorters include running totals with on-screen breakdowns of each count by denomination.

Hospital call bell systems

We offer wireless call bell solutions to simplify the communications between patient and nurse as well as improving overall patient care. Similarly, we have wander mats that add security to patients care. Suitable in both hospitals and nursing homes.

Hospitality Restaurant paging

These paging systems are perfect for any kind of hospitality setting such as restaurants, canteens or food halls. Coming in a range of styles, there are guest pagers, call bells for guests and chefs as well as a wrist watch call system that can be worn by wait staff and guests for maximum quality of service

hospital ward ordering

Improve your patients experience with better food service and nutritional care. SERVAL is an app that allows your catering staff to make meal orders from the patient’s bedside via an android tablet.


Our EPOS works with you to provide a speedy and reliable service to maximise revenue and incentive repeat purchases. We provide tailored and naturally bespoke solutions with a fresh alternative to competitor systems, bringing a high level of flexibility to our clients.

counterfeit detectors

No business can afford to accept fake money. Use an ECB approved counterfeit note checker to ensure you are not caught by fake cash. With their small size and high speed, they’re ideal for use beside any till or countertop.

tamper evident bags

We have a range of solutions for retail, banking, medical and general business use. Our cash bags are widely used by retail chains and banks for the secure transport of cash and documents. Our Versapak bags are durable, reusable bags with a tamper-evident zipper seal.

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