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Smart Cash Manager - SCM-C

The east to use Smar Cash Manager (SMC-C) is extremely reliable and can be integrated or sealed into a counter. This cash system is efficient, fast and very easy for customers and staff to use. A great investment that offers your retail store a secure, hygenic and fast payment option.

Cashier service with automated cash: Your cashier simply rings up the customer's items, and then the customer pays their cash directly into the SCM. Your staff never need to handle the cash, and the customer doesn't need to scan their items.



- The SMC-C is easy to use
- Separate coin & cash storage which offers a speedy transaction
- It can be used for payments in cash or coin
- The system can be installed into a counter top - integrated/sealed
- Can handle large volumes & high storage - Coins 220 -730 hopper (8) - Cash 650 - 1400
- A maximum of 7 second transaction time
- Screen is Optional
- Dimensions - coins 595 x 685 x 355 cash 700x685x245


- The SCM-A offers a great cash & payment system for any retail outlet
- A maximum 7 sec transaction time
- Efficient cash and coin storage


- Reduces queue times in your retail store
- Offers a more hygienic option for payments
- No change given errors
- Offers extra peace of mind for security both internal and external
- Easy for staff and customers to use
- Hardwaring and reliable

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