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One-Pocket Mixed Counter

Count and verify mixed bundles of notes with a full breakdown on screen.


The advanced BC 242 SD is equipped with the latest generation of sensors so that all notes are correctly counted and checked.


This banknote counter has been successfully approved by the ECB and the color display provides the user with all information in any desired language.


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Various currencies can be mixed counted and an update is easily installed via USB.


Reliable and fast counting of (un)sorted banknotes: the BC 242 SD can help you with this!


Excluding Tax |
    • Mix mode
    • Batch (Sort) mode
    • Free-count mode
    • Euro, GBP, CHF and USD pre-installed 
    • Updatable via USB and micro SD card
    • Various counting modes
    • Automatic or manual start
    • Counting speed: 1000/1.200/1.500 notes per minute
    • Hopper capacity: 300 notes
    • Stacker capacity: 200 notes
    • Auto currency detection
    • LCD touchscreen
    • UV, MG, IR, US, Dual CIS sensors
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