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Customer Pagers

Customer Pagers

•Modern and luxurious design with minimalist aesthetic
•Opaque base gives light, floating image, dual-LED call indicators are installed in top and in the base
•Perfectly circular shape combined with metallic black colour results in pleasing body line and aesthetics
•TPU Band Applied - Water resistance
•External access ensures rechargeable battery is quickly and easily replaceable


• Out-of-range alarm

• Alarm method selectable : vibration-beep-LED

• Multiple chargers available

• Battery replaceable outside(SG1)

• Low battery level alarm(SG1)

• SQ100 wall mount available

• Waterproof(SG1)

• Touch panel applied(SQ100)

• Recharging battery embedded for blackout(SQ100)


•Delivers faster, more efficient service

•Allows customers to wait at their tables for their food

•Reduces gatherings of customers and simplifies the food purchasing process.


•Avoids queues and gatherings of guests in food hall and canteen settings

•Customers can enjoy their food perfectly hot as the pager notifies them as soon as their food is ready

•Reduces distributions to food service

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