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The Touchless Checkout System
Instant checkout with no barcodes, no cash, no wait.
Over 25 Million transactions and counting.
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Workplace Restaurants

Make your canteen frictionless for your staff

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Micro Market

Use Mashgin's AI to create a Frictionless staff shop for your workplace


that is 4 times faster than normal self-service checkouts


Mashgin has arrived in Ireland after a successful rollout across America with

over 25 million transactions and counting.

Mashgin offers an instant self-service checkout with no barcodes, no cash and no wait!

Mashgin takes self service automation to a new level of speed!

Checking out with Mashgin is 4 times faster than traditional POS.  This faster

process enables higher turnover in customers and revenue. 

This powerful technology can identify multiple items in under a second so your customers

can scan, pay, and be on their way.


This technology keeps customers and employees safe with completely touchless self-checkout.

Add items and pay without touching anything but your food.


Mashgin’s Touchless Checkout System uses computer vision to recognize objects the

same way your eyes do. It can instantly identify packaged goods, produce, and open plates

from any angle.

The Mashgin Touchless Self Service Checkout helps eliminate queues by providing a

speedy and efficient way to pay for items. Powered by AI-enhanced computer vision.












Identify Any Item, ‍No Barcode Required
From fruits and veggies to whole plates of food our self checkout kiosk can identify anything you

throw under it.

Place Any Item, ‍‍Any Way
Sideways, slantways, longways, backways or frontways we can scan it all.

Our Cameras, See Everything
Our cameras matched with our computer vision algorithms recognize all items in less than one second.

Proven Return on Investment

20% increased revenue lift. 34% transaction volume.

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mashgin 3.png

Mashgin is the premier solution for future-focused venues looking for increased efficiency, revenues, and throughput. With an unparalleled consumer experience for customers to scan, pay, and be on your way.

The world’s fastest self-checkout system powered by AI-enhanced computer vision.


World’s Fastest Self-Checkout, Scan multiple items < 1 sec,  4x faster throughput than legacy POS.  The Most Vetted AI Checkout Solution Over 150 locations.


Truly Touchless COVID-ready fully touchless transactions trusted by hospitals nationwide.  Proven ROI –  20% increased revenue lift 34% increased transaction volume.

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