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Counteasy Note and Coin Scales

Whether you are a small retailer, petrol station or a pub, the Counteasy Note and Coin Scales is the ideal till counting device for your business. The Counteasy is pre-programmed to count both loose and packed coins and notes in sequence, with a running total on screen. Lightweight and portable, the Counteasy is both battery and mains operated, making it usable anywhere, at any time. The Counteasy is the most reliable count by weight machine available today, and is the preferred choice of many leading retailers.

 Product Features:

  • Proven weight counting technology
  • Counts a till drawer in 45 seconds
  • Counts loose and banded notes, and loose and bagged coins
  • Lightweight and battery powered for quick portability
  • Accurate value calculation and running total display
  • Pre-programmed with 18 languages and 3 currencies, Euro, Sterling, and Dollar

    Features at a glance:

    Detail Yes No Description
    Loose Notes Yes
    Packed Notes Yes Banded or wrapped
    Loose Coin Yes
    Bagged and Rolled Coin Yes
    Languages Yes Pre-programmed with 18 languages
    Multi-Currency Yes Euro, Sterling, US Dollar
    Rechargable Batteries Yes 12 Hours standby, batteries included
    Future Proofed Yes New bank notes, new denominations, new pack sizes
    Upgradable Yes Data interface capability provides for upgrades

Download Counteasy Brochure

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