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An Online Table Order Solution Like No Other

Unlike standalone QR-code table order solutions, Scan-Order-Pay is natively built into the cashless PoS system, giving caterers more benefits:

Elevate your customer service without being pushy
While your customers can order and pay with no need to sign up, an email can later be sent to them (alongside their e-receipt) with a one-click button inviting them to make their account permanent and benefit from all your loyalty programmes.

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Have more than one catering outlet? Scan-Order-Pay lets you use a unique QR code for each of them. The QR code will link your customers to the exact menu of the outlet they are at.

One simple customer journey. No unnecessary browsing!


Flexibility to serve your every need
Need to change menus for different events? Unlike other QR code mobile ordering solutions, Uniware’s Scan-Order-Pay allows you to have more than one QR code, each seamlessly linking to a different version of your web app.

This means you can offer

✔different prices (for example, to handle student VAT exemption)

✔different discounts and promotions

✔different menus

for each customer segment, for specific events or for various catering outlets.


✔Easily create online menus from your existing items

✔Collect data from all your catering outlets and sales channels

✔Data analysis in one central system

✔Access to pro features - e.g. student VAT exemption, flexible delivery time slots linked to production, and many more.

For your loyal customers
- One app for all their needs
- All loyalty points and discounts seamlessly synced
- Access to free items, allowances, departmental charging, etc.

For your casual customers
- Fast and easy ordering
- No app download required
- Cold food takeaway VAT supported

📌To find our more and book a live demo - contact us today SALES@DUALTRON.IE

"As the staffing crisis continues across our hospitality sector, we were in urgent need of a solution to free up time for our staff while still making sure customers are happy. Uniware's Scan-Order-Pay was that solution. The best thing is that we can have different QR codes for different restaurants on site and in our various events. That flexibility was so important and was just what we looked for."

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