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Self-Service EPOS

✔ Boost sales by providing more areas for your customers to make fast and
easy purchases.
✔ Use our dedicated software for fast navigation through
the PoS screens.
✔ Self service PoS that is able to run in the event of connection loss.
✔ With the ability to integrate with fridges, provide the self
service solution on every floor of the building for convenience.
✔ Reduce costs as no need for operating staff.
✔ Create a sleek and secure solution for your customers.
✔ Utilise sturdy hardware. All of our hardware is retail
hardened for reliability and durability.

Self-Service EPOS


- Grow your business with Uniware’s self-service EPOS solutions.

- Customers can ring up their own purchases, pre-order food or pay for micro-market purchases.

- We have a range of hardware options available and specially designed human-friendly software.- Screen
is Optional


- Easy for new customers to use

- Increased speed through the till

- All popular payment options available

- Large and small screen formats available


- Easy to use for staff and customers
- Ideal for high footfall locations
- Ideal for restaurants, retails stores, canteens, convenience stores, petrol stations, pharmacies ...
- Fast & efficient
- Reduces Costs
- Integration
- Full training & support from Dualtron Team
- Secure

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