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Smart Cash Manager - SCM-A

The Smart Cash Manager (SCM-A) is ideal for any retail shop, coffee shop, pharmacy or fast food outlet. This cash and coin payments system which can speed up queue times, reduces any errors and offers employee and customers contactless automated transactions.
Our Smart Cash Manager solutions are reliable and easy to install, easy to use and offer great value for money.
What do customers think of the Smart Cash Managers -
“Since we installed this automayed customer payment system, we have seen a dramatic reduction in the time spent on cash handling by our cashiers and at the back office with our managers when it comes reconciling and preparing lodgements. By eliminating these administrative tasks, it has enabled my management team more time on our sales floor focusing our customer whilst driving sales and margin. The system has eliminated shortages in cash from cashiers and it has also led to a safer environment for both staff and customers.
In short this system has reduced cash shrink all most entirely while allowing us to build profitable sales, I would highly recommend other retailers to consider using an SCM"

Cashier service with automated cash: Your cashier simply rings up the customer's items, and then the customer pays their cash directly into the SCM. Your staff never need to handle the cash, and the customer doesn't need to scan their items.

At Dualtron we are providing cash and coin management systems across the retail, gaming and CIT industries, we’re helping our customers automate their cash processes to increase efficiency, enhance security and release staff to focus on the experience they deliver.

Dualtron have been providing cash management solutions and technologies to the financial, retail and healthcare industries for over 30 years in Ireland.

Smart Cash Manager - SCM-A


The SCM-A is a modern cash & coin payment system
- Accepts coins and cash
- Maximum of 8 sec transaction time
- 7" touch screen
- Weight - 65kg
- Dimensions - 654x500x618
- Coins 250-500 hopper/(8) Notes 460
- Easy to integrate


- Offers a fast and hygienic payments system
- Reliable payments and change given/no errors
- Offers security against theft


- Faster service for your customers
- More Hygienic
- No Errors
- No theft
- Easy to use for staff and customers
- No more daily float management
- Self service

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