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Wireless Patient Call System

The Solt Wireless Call System includes call buttons for the bedside, bathrooms or any location where a patient may require assistance.

Patient calls are sent to fixed wireless receivers at a nursing station, or to wrist-worn mobile monitors. Incoming calls are also displayed on a PC monitor.

The PC based monitoring system can track activity levels and response times.

Calls can be cancelled at the bedside once the patient has been attended to.



•The information is transmitted to both the nurses portable receiver and the wireless receiver fixed to a nurse station once a paging bell that is affixed to the wall of a patient’s room or toilet facilities is pressed.

•As this patient is checked on, a check button function at the patient's bed is pressed by the nurse who is assisting, avoiding multiple staff members checking, making their time available for other patients.


•The situation can be responded to quickly and efficiently due to the transmission of the emergency to both the receiver in the nurse’s station and to the portable receiver being carried by the nurse.

•It can be easily relocated to another place within the hospital.

•As the system is employed with multiple wireless transmissions, the receivers work independently of each other. Meaning that should one receiver fail, the call for assistance will still be recognised by the other.


•Simultaneous alerting at the nurses station and on the wrist device leads to faster response times.

•As it's a wireless system, installation and maintenance costs are less expensive.

•Call devices can be easily relocated within the hospital.

•It only requires little tweaks to add a new registration or change the system configuration - something Dualtron’s engineers are happy to assist with.

•As the receivers work independently of each other, should one receiver fail, the call for assistance will still be recognised by the other.

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