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Benefits of Mobile PoS

Mobile POS systems can offer a solution to long queues, the need for flexible service areas including outdoors, or for reducing the till footprint at certain outlets.

The mobile POS can be docked at a counter and used as an additional fixed POS or taken on the go for pop-up events and busy periods.

Just like a regular POS, it can take payments using an ID badge, hospitality account or by searching for a customer by name.

Businesses are finding that the addition of handheld POS allows them to be more adaptable when reacting to changing conditions. In peak hours a handheld POS terminal allows the cashier to take orders and payment from the restaurant floor, reducing the queuing time, improving the all-important customer experience and boosting customer retention rates.


Reduce queuing times – give staff the flexibility to take payment, redeem loyalty and promotions efficiently from the restaurant floor.

Expand your area of service – mobile POS can either be connected via WIFI or can work offline and sync data back when placed in the docking station at the end of service.

Flexibility – docking stations allow you to have the best of both worlds, mobile POS and fixed terminals. This allows you to change the purpose of your mobile POS easily and adapt quickly during busy times or different events.

Small Footprint – Mobile POS is ideal for businesses with limited space. It can be built flush to worktops and walls for fixed terminals or mobile with the cashier.


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