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Closed Loop Cash Management

Closed Loop Cash Management

For over 20 Years, Dualtron’s customers have seen the benefits of removing cash from their business through cashless payment systems. However, cash remains an extremely popular payment method in Ireland. ATM withdrawals in Ireland are higher than any other EU state and over twice the EU average.

Cash Recycling

Protect your business and your staff

For businesses that depend on cash it is crucial to control the flow of cash on your premises. Every cash movement within the business creates a risk of theft or discrepancy. By reducing the number of cash movements and counts you reduce the risk of shrinkage, by removing staff access to cash you also reduce the risk of them being targeted by criminals.

Every deposit of cash to the smart safe is traceable to one member of staff. Withdrawals are traceable and restricted to authorised supervisors. Once deposited to the safe cash is held in a secure, tamper evident bag or cassette, ensuring a closed system from safe to Cash Office, CIT Centre or Bank Vault.


Some of our safes can be tracked online by managers to monitor cash levels and throughput, CIT pick-ups can be scheduled based on demand rather than a set timetable, reducing the yearly cost of pick-ups.

Save time by reducing or removing the need to cash up at the end of each shift.

Contact one of our experts today on 01-823 7150 to arrange a meeting and we can help you decide which smart safe is the right fit for your business.

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