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Float Dispensing Coin Safe

Recycle coins in your shop

Do your staff spend a lot of time counting coin at the end of their shift?

Our coin recycling safe can accept mixed batches of coin with no need for manual counting or sorting. Staff simply log their ID and tip their coin into the top of the coin safe. All deposits are verified by the machine and tracked to an individual staff member.

Does it take long to prepare floats at the start of each day?

The float dispenser can dispense eight different coins into separate cups or coin tray sections. The quantities of each coin are pre-set by a manager.

Do your staff have to sign for their float at the beginning of their shift?

By logging in at the touch screen your staff create a record of what float they received. There is no need for a supervisor to sign out a float to the staff member as their ID and value of the float is tracked by the safe.

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