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Perfo Deposit

Perfo Deposit

The Perfo Deposit is an intelligent cashier safe with integrated note verifier and counter. The Perfo Deposit allows employees to deposit cash throughout the day when till limits have been reached. The Perfo Deposit can  be configured to allow real time monitoring of deposits and cash values by management or head-office. Multiple machines can be connected to the same account, perfect for chains of stores.

Benefits for Employees, Managers and Accountants

  1. Improved security (hidden and inaccessible banknotes)

  2. Gains in time and efficiency (no recounting and less transport)

  3. Counterfeit detection

  4. Secured storage

Touchscreen Login

  1. Touch screen

  2. Detailed and traceable information of the transactions

  3. Security against internal fraud

Fast and efficient

  1. Introduction of banknotes in bundle

  2. Note reader with counterfeits detection

  3. Easy and quick installation

Optimised security

  1. Secured safe

  2. Electronic lock with programmable time delay

  3. Secured internal cassette – up to 800 notes capacity


  1. Every deposit is saved

  2. Details and amounts of transactions are saved in the management software

  3. Local or remote access

Perfo Deposit - Report

Perfo Deposit – Report

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