We offer both large and small coin sorters, suiting the needs of retailers, churches, car parks, arcades and large cash centres. Our larger sorters include counterfeit and foreign coin detection and all of our sorters include running totals with an on-screen breakdown of each count by denomination.


Whether you run a shop, petrol station or pub, the CountEasy note and coin counting scales make counting you floats and takings a lot easier. You can count, recount and verify you cash takings in less than a minute. The CountEasy will check both loose and bagged coins and notes to ensure you tills or floats are accurately counted.

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The DEC1050 is a precision digital counting scales. Designed and manufactured to suit the specific needs of the Bank and Retails market, as well as the Euro Zone. The DEC1050 Euro Coin Checker allows coins to be counted in loose, bagged or bulk bags quickly and accurately.

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The CC604 coin counter and sorter reliably sort and counts at a revolutionary speed of 500 coins per minute, sorting all denominations into individual pockets. Made from hard wearing steel components designed to last, the CC604 is a reliable coin machine ideal for counting and sorting medium volumes of coins quickly and accurately

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The Pelican 309 coin counter and sorter is a high-speed table top machine for sorting up to 9 denominations and will reject foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc. The 5th generation alloy sensor technology ensures highest counting accuracy, ideal for counting and sorting medium volumes of coins quickly and accurately.

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Coin Deposit Systems allows customers to quickly deposit large quantities of the coin without pre-bagging and counting their own coin. Our CDS machines will free up staff time required to deal with coin deposits. Whether you require a free-standing unit in your branch lobby or a through the wall option to run alongside an ATM or at remote locations we can work to your requirements. Our machines can be configured to charge commissions or fees if required.

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