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You may want to make a small adaptation to one of our standard bags, such as printing a company name or logo on the bag, or it might mean a completely new design. Whichever of these applies, we work closely with our customers to understand their exact requirements so that we can provide the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. All our security bags can be manufactured to specific sizes, colours, logos, whatever the customer requires. All of our bags are manufactured in Europe which means that we do not impose large minimum order quantities or lengthy lead times.



•Patented locking system

•High-quality PVC coated

•Nylon material



•Padded lining


•Secure, reusable bags for floats or depositing cash

•Padded and tear resistant, ideal for transportation of important documents

•Custom built pathology transport bag for safe and secure transport of blood samples, medical supplies


•The Versapak patented locking system is simple and user-friendly, the broken part of the seal falls free from the locking house to prevent jamming

•High-quality PVC coated nylon material makes the bag long lasting and protects the contents

•Bags can be custom made, size, colour, logos etc.

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