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Versapak pouches and bags are used around the world by individuals private companies and the public sector for reason as diverse as protecting blood samples, securing important documents, transporting machine parts and handling cash. Versapak reusable bags can be fitted with tamper evident seals, which can be numbered if required. The reusable cash bags are hard wearing and protect your good from damage in transit. Home SHOP ALL Mailing Wallets & Pouches
Mailing Wallets & Pouches
Versapak's Tamper Evident Mailing Wallets and Pouches secure your important and sensitive documents. They are manufactured by Versapak and come in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles. They are unique as they are made with Antimicrobial protection which prevents infection, they are reusable over 2,000 times and come with a 5 year guarantee.



•Patented locking system

•High-quality PVC coated

•nylon material



•Padded lining


•Secure, reusable bags for floats or depositing cash

•Padded and tear resistant, ideal for transportation of important documents

•Custom built pathology transport bag for safe and secure transport of blood samples, medical supplies


•The Versapak patented locking system is simple and user-friendly, the broken part of the seal falls free from the locking house to prevent jamming

•High-quality PVC coated nylon material makes the bag long lasting and protects the contents

•Bags can be custom made, size, colour, logos etc.

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