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Versapak manufacture quality-made, medical carriers for storing and transporting medical material. We work alongside the NHS to provide Blood-in-Transit Bags, Insulated Specimen Carriers for Pathology Departments, Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Carriers for clinics. Our specimen products are UN3373 compliant for transporting sensitive biological materials. We have a wide range of products and we have a responsive design and manufacturing process for specific requirements.
Bags available in various sizes.



Versapak Medium Insulated Medical Carrier - Pathology

✔ 2 x A5 windows for site location and bag content
✔Built-in rigid impact protectors and internal padding
✔Maintains the temperature of the contents for up to 16 hours
✔Incorporates the Versapak tamper evident zip closure for security seal
✔Tamper evident and traceable, when used with numbered or barcoded security seals
✔"Easy change" flip/flap address window for outward and return addresses


✔5 Year guarantee
✔Insulation Technology
✔Durable over 2000 uses


✔ Keeps contents cool for 16 hours
✔ PREVENTS INFECTION - VersaShield - Antimicrobial Protection
✔ Thermal Barriers, Security T2 Seals and Freeze Boards available with these insulated Medical Carrier Bags

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