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Versapak seals work with our tamper evident bags by closing the zip on the bag, placing the zip puller in position and inserting the seal into the locking mechanism. When someone lifts the zipper, the seal breaks which means that you can see immediately that the bag has been opened. Versapak security seals provide a simple, clear and effective way to monitor your sensitive and high-value items. The genuine Versapak Button seal is available in a range of colours and can be overprinted with unique security numbers, company name, a logo.



•These seals are designed to be used with most of our bags, ensuring their tamper evidence. The Arrow Seals have been specially designed to fit all current arrow locking chambers on the market

•Various security seal cable ties can be used to secure certain versions of the cash bags and can be used across a wide range of security applications

•Patented design

•Two prongs for added security

•Available plain, numbered, personalised and barcoded in a choice of colours


•Secure, reliable seal

•Protect important documents, currency etc.

•Reduce risk to your business and employees


•The Versapak patented locking system is simple and user-friendly, the broken part of the seal falls free from the locking house to prevent jamming

•Added safety and security

•Reduces risk of theft, loss of earnings etc.

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