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Cloud EPOS and Cashless Payment Systems

We are a leading supplier of Cashless EPOS and Vending systems. Our cloud EPOS systems are designed for the hospitality and food service sector. Our EPOS and integrated cashless payment system can be used as part of a multi-application smartcard system. As seen in smart businesses throughout Ireland. Cashless Payments mean less queuing, increased hygiene, reduced costs and administration. Our EPOS and smartcard systems are in use by many large multinationals as well as Irish firms and hospitals throughout the country. We now have almost 100 sites using these cashless payment systems.

Cash Handling Solutions

Our cash counters, notesorters and coin sorters are used by thousands of retailers, banks and credit unions to make life easier by streamlining cash processes and reducing the risk of fraud.

Areas of Expertise

Cashless Catering

Our Cashless Payment systems are used by companies who wish to eliminate cash, and the costs and risks of cash handling, from the workplace.

Banking Systems

Our range of products for banking systems include quick lodge machines, external cash deposit machines, coin deposit systems & coin dispensers.

Queue Management

QSystem Queue Management Systems are used by companies to manage and monitor customer waiting areas & create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Mailroom Security

The mailroom is a key element of achieving efficiency for larger organisations. If a mailroom performs well then business starts earlier.

Coin Bank Note Counting

These note sorters authenticate & fitness sort banknotes. The ATM Fit notes are sorted form those notes of poorer condition and also any suspect or counterfeit notes.

Point of Sale & Cashless Vending

Cashless is Three Times Faster Than Cash
  • Reduced queuing times
  • Fast, easy to use touchscreen EPOS
  • Eliminate cash handling costs – No need for cash floats
  • Save time – No cash balancing required
  • Reduce risk – Greater security
  • More efficient hygiene routines – no money changes hands at the point of sale
  • Positive cash flow
  • Increased turnover on vending and snack machines with no down time for coin jams etc.

Cash Handling Solutions

ATM Banknote Fitness Sorters

These note sorters authenticate and fitness sort banknotes. The ATM Fit notes, i.e. those suitable for ATM replenishment are out sorted form those notes of poorer condition and also any suspect or counterfeit notes.

Note & Coin Counting Solutions

For over 25 years we’ve been providing Irish business with the note & coin counting solutions they need for their business to succeed.

Branch Automation

We supply a range of high end solutions for branch transformation. Our solutions include deposit machines, rolled coin dispensers and coin deposit machines.

Branch Automation Solutions

Coin Counting

Dualtron offer a wide range of coin counting and sorting solutions including products for weighing, counting and sorting coins.


Coin Deposit Systems

Coin Deposit Systems allow customers to quickly deposit large quantities of coin without pre-bagging and counting their own coin.


Counterfeit Detection

No business can afford to accept fake money. Use an ECB approved counterfeit note checker to ensure you are not caught by fake cash.


Versapak Bags

Our Versapak bags are durable, reusable bags with a tamper evident zipper seal. Seals can be uniquely numbered for a secure audit trail of the chain of custody.


Case Studies

Check out some of our case studies which show how our coin & note sorting, cashless catering solutions and mailroom security products are being used by businesses of all sizes throughout Ireland.

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