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Food and Nutritional Care in Hospitals

Hospitals nationwide are not only changing the kinds of foods they serve — trending toward greater emphasis on nutrition and environmental sustainability — but also how they are serving it — with more facilities adopting hotel-style room service menus. And what is the motivation for this culinary movement? According to an article from Kaiser Health News, it all comes down to patient satisfaction and how that translates into more revenue for the healthcare providers. The article also cites the savings that…

The Importance of Counterfeit Detection for Businesses

The crime of counterfeiting money is as old as money itself. For as long as people have been tendering marks, coins, and negotiable instruments, there have been others attempting to create fraudulent versions of them. In the U.S., approximately $150 Million of counterfeit money was circulated in 2009. This number has been steadily rising, with another report showing that counterfeit money activity in the U.S. increased by 69% from 2003 through 2006 and this figure also continues to rise. Reasons…

Benefits of Using Note Counters

Whether you are a large cash centre or a small retailer note counters can offer huge benefits to you and your business in a number of ways that you might not have even considered. Time-Saving: On average our smallest note counter can count 1200 notes per minute which is incomparable to a human. All our machines are capable of handling a lot of cash at a single time, taking only a few seconds to count and sort eliminating the need…

Improving patient experience with Mobile technology

Mobile technology in hospitals – Who is using it and how? Mobile technology is already in wide use in hospitals all over the world. Patient records are now available digitally to Doctors, Nurses and allied health professionals. These records can be transmitted from one hospital system to another, and from one hospital to another. Patients – are using mobile apps to track their own activity and health through fitness trackers, diet apps and even portable EKGs. In the future, we…

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